Soloing Simplified
Lockdown These 6 HOT Licks!
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Get These Hot Licks Under Your Fingers To Dominate At The Jam!
"If I was stuck on a desert island and could only have 6 licks with me, I'd want these 6 licks!!"
- Robin Nolan
Improvising and soloing in gypsy jazz is extremely exciting and rewarding to be able to do. But it can be challenging. Often we lose sight of the end goal of making music and instead end up practicing endless scales and arpeggios that don't help when we're at a jam.

I want to make soloing as approachable and simple for you as possible. I've done this by distilling all of my favorite cool soloing ideas down into 'Six Hot Licks'.

These licks are powerful, easy to play and will work on every tune you will play in the Gypsy Jazz repertoire.

I've designed each lick to be learned quickly and to give you immediate confidence in your soloing.

If you want to simplify your entire approach to soloing then this course is what you need to get quick results and achieve your gypsy jazz guitar playing goals.

"All the new licks sound super cool. They're not too hard to learn and Robin's way of teaching this stuff is just amazing. For my needs, he is the best online teacher and this is the best teaching I've seen from him. It just keeps getting better!"
- Volker Reichle, Germany
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Downloadable PDF Charts For All Licks (TAB and Standard Notation)
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INCLUDED – Each lick taught slowly, played in different keys, and applied to several gypsy jazz tunes.
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Normally $67.00 - Get In Today For Only $27.00 (Save $40.00!)
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"This is the easiest way yet to create simple but powerful gypsy jazz solos. It didn't take long using the clear tab provided to mix and match the simple licks into great solos on any song.

So much so that Linda my rhythm player and friend tried it herself. Having never played a solo in her life she was soon at it using only three of the licks and was playing convincing solos!"

Michael Hills, UK
Take These 6 HOT LICKS With You To Dominate At The Jam
Hot Lick #1: Swingtime In Springtime
This simple lick is designed to help you cut cool solos through rhythm changes like a hot knife through butter. Ideal for fast tempos, it sidesteps the need to shred and instead delivers massive melodic and rhythmic elegance.

I use this idea all the time in Gypsy Jazz rhythm changes tunes like 'Daphne' 'Belleville' and 'Swing 42', plus over any blues.

This lick is derived from Django's composition Swingtime In Springtime'. Trés Chic!
Hot Lick #2: Power Triads
Simplicity is the name of the game when creating cool, meaningful solos, and it doesn't get any simpler than this. Based on a 'D Shape' triad, this lick is very quick and easy to get under your fingers and it will immediately inject your soloing with confidence and harmonic assurance.

You can use this lick over literally any Major or Dom7 chord. I love using it over 'Sweet Georgia Brown' amongst many other gypsy jazz standards.
Hot Lick #3: Minor Moods
If I had to choose one lick to take with me to a jam or gig this would be the one. It's an original lick of mine that has both a traditional gypsy and modern jazz sound.

For me, the beauty of it is that you don't have to pick every note. Instead you use hammer ons and slides that both make it easier to play fast and gives it a modern jazz sensibility.

I love using this lick on tunes like 'Minor Swing' 'Blues En Mineur' & 'Joseph Joseph'. Oh and it also works over the relative major chord making it doubly as useful!
Hot Lick #4: Gypsy Sizzle
Stochelo Rosenberg, Paulus Schafer, Tvavolo Schmitt and many other gypsy guitar greats use this lick all the time in their solos and more specifically when they play over a D minor chord.

This is a must know lick for any gypsy guitarist and a great one to add to your stash. It has that real campground sizzle to it and harmonically nails the sound of the minor 6th chord.

This lick is also a great workout for your right hand and a good introduction to the art of gypsy picking.
Hot Lick #5: Dominant Manouche
Playing over dominant 7th chords can be a challenge. Enter Hot Lick #5. There isn't a more charming way to play over an A7 than this.

This lick elegantly cuts through the chord with the very essence of gypsy jazz, or Jazz Manouche as they call it in France.

I love using this one in tunes like 'Coquette' & 'I Can't Give You Anything But Love' where it fits perfectly over both the Dominant chord and the 2-5 progression.
Hot Lick #6: Big Band Django
Django's comping and use of chords in his solos was epic. He could recreate the sound of an entire big band with his guitar and his virtuosity alone.

This chordal lick is killer and evokes that 'Big Band Django' sound perfectly. Learn the three shapes and use your right hand to add the power.

I love using this lick on tunes like 'Sweet Georgia Brown' 'Daphne' and any blues.