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Robin Nolan's 6 HOT LICKS Masterclass
List Price $67 - Get In Today For Only $27 (Save $40!)
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$ 27.00 USD
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Gypsy Jazz SOLOING ACTION PACK (One Time Offer):
Get Instant Access To An Additional $127.00 Worth Of My Best Gypsy Jazz Guitar Training - For A Huge 80% Discount (One Time Offer)

3 Powerful Courses To Set You Up For Success
1.Gypsy Jazz Jumpstart – Minor Swing Masterclass ($47 value)
2. Gypsy Jazz Soloing Top Tips Collection ($33 value)
3. Music From The Heart Masterclass ($47 value)
Total Value $127 (Yours today for $24.50 - save 80%)

Here's What You're Getting:
  • Online Access To All The 6 HOT LICKS Video Lessons
  • Downloadable PDF Charts For All Licks (TAB and Standard Notation)
  • INCLUDED – In-depth analysis of each lick and why it works like magic.
  • INCLUDED – Each lick taught slowly, played in different keys, and applied to several gypsy jazz tunes.
  • INCLUDED – Hot Licks History, Inspiration, and Guidance
  • Immediate Access To All The Video Lessons
  • 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
    List Price $67.00 - Get In Today For Only $27.00 (Save $40.00!)

Here's What My "6 HOT LICKS" Students Are Saying:

"The new course is very useful! I will use these licks right away at the jam and then make up my own variations. Robin makes it easy to get them under your fingers as he clearly shows how to play each one."

- Wayne Vandenberg, USA

"If, like me, you struggle with a tendency to overthink and over complicate everything about learning to improvise, this course will provide a very useful reminder that there are basically just three types of chord - major, minor and dominant - and that a couple of licks for each can take us a hell of a long way.
- Julian Gurr, UK

"All the new licks sound super cool. They're not too hard to learn and Robin's way of teaching this stuff is just amazing. For my needs, he is the best online teacher and this is the best teaching I've seen from him. It just keeps getting better!"
- Volker Reichle, Germany

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