Los Angeles, USA
March 21-24, 2024

Learn Gypsy Jazz Guitar the FUN way! with Robin Nolan LIVE

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Total Value: $3,074, Standard Price: $1,699


Ready To Take Your Gypsy Jazz Guitar Skills and Enjoyment To A Higher Level While Having Fun Jamming With New Friends In A Supportive Environment?

Come and join me for a unique once in a lifetime experience in the picturesque town of Westlake Village, Los Angeles, California. Indulge yourself for 4 days & nights with personalized instruction and creative jam sessions designed to inspire breakthroughs whilst removing any doubts or sticking points from your playing.

This is not your standard gypsy jazz workshop. It is an exclusive, high end and intimate retreat where I will be applying my. newest teaching methods to help you build your skills in all areas of your guitar playing. I also want us to work together to bring out your unique voice within the gypsy jazz genre based on your current skill level and guitar playing background.

We’ll be doing it in style at the beautiful Westlake Trails home of some good friends of mine who recently attended our retreat in New York City. They were so impressed with the quality of the program, not only the music, but the congeniality, that they suggested we bring the retreat to the Westlake Village Inn complex and their home in California.

This is an exciting prospect and the perfect setting for an awesome retreat in Los Angeles!

I’ll help you prepare for the retreat with a personal Zoom coaching session and we’ll set you up with instant access to all the valuable bonus online material so you can start improving right away.

What Is The Gypsy Jazz Breakthrough Retreat All About?
It’s about having fun with Gypsy Jazz, hands-on playing with new friends, and quickly learning to perform with confidence in a supportive environment - WITHOUT the need for endless scales & arpeggios or getting bogged down in musical theory.

Improved Technique
Improved technique and a new level of confidence as a guitarist.

Gypsy Jazz
Together we’ll transport you from where you are now to where you want to be which is a confident jamming and possibly even gigging gypsy jazz guitarist.

Spend four days getting inspiration and making new friends.

Progress Your Playing
You’ll learn plenty of new skills and exercises to continue to progress your playing.

Build Your Repertoire
During the Retreat we’ll build up your stash of hot gypsy jazz tunes to add to your repertoire.

Gig Together
An opportunity to play a LIVE gig on stage with Robin Nolan, John Jorgenson and the other students!

The Breakthrough Workshops

Workshop 1 – Rhythm Refresher Drill and Assessment

This is all about gypsy rhythm and I’ll be showing you how to do it right. We’ll dive into ‘La Pompe’ and Swing as well as the Bossa, Bolero, Samba, Waltz and Funk feels. Forget old bad habits and let me show you up close in detail the techniques needed to get these rhythms sounding great.

Workshop 2 – Soloing – A New Perspective For Fast Results

We’ll be breaking new ground here into the world of soloing and improvising over the most common gypsy jazz chord progressions. This is a 3 pronged approach where we’ll be learning Authentic Gypsy Licks and Phrases, Ear Training Drills and the Art of Flow which when tapped into will give your solos that magic touch of class every time.

Workshop 3 – Gig Ready Boot Camp Session

In this session we’ll be learning all the tools and techniques you need to deliver a stellar live performance. Intros that get the song flying before you’ve played the melody. Endings that guarantee applause. How to deal with Nerves and Stage Fright. How to make a Killer Set List. Key Changes that aren’t cheesy. Mindset and Concentration. How to Memorize Songs plus more practical and useful tricks that will upgrade your performances.

Workshop 4 – Playing Together and Making Music

This is where we’ll learn the art of ensemble playing and the tools we need to make sweet music together. We’ll dig deep into all the different live combinations we find ourselves in on stage or at a jam. The Roles of playing Rhythm and Lead guitar. Duo playing and how to Accompany using Bass Lines. How to successfully play 4’s with another soloist. Rhythm Solos that impress. The Art of Dynamics. How to make your own Arrangements. Telepathy and how to go with the moment plus many more techniques I’ve learnt and want to share.

Workshop 5 – New Secrets Of Gypsy Jazz Guitar

In this last session I’ll be revealing the New Secrets of Gypsy Jazz Guitar. These are some of my most private and close to my heart techniques and ideas that I want you to take home with you. These techniques will make a difference and add that magic sparkle to your playing that others will notice too.You’ll also learn some daily Practice Routines that will insure you retain all the lessons learnt during the retreat.

This Retreat Is Your Next Step

If you’ve studied any of my online courses or lessons then coming to learn with me is the next step where we can focus on your playing in a secluded environment with no distractions. This is a chance for you to benefit from some tailor made and personalized instruction in one-on-one and group settings.

Getting It Together – “Together”
When you enroll we’ll start off by arranging a Skype consultation where we can chat and assess where you’re at and where you want to go with your gypsy jazz guitar playing.
I’ll then know exactly what we’ll be working on together in Los Angeles to maximise your results during the retreat and beyond.

The Gig
During the five workshops we’ll be preparing ourselves for the final night gig together which is happening at the world class Bogies jazz club in Westlake Village. We’ll be playing a set together before I hit the stage with John Jorgenson and at the end we’ll all join together for the finale ‘Minor Swing’. Expect an audience full of gypsy jazz fans from near and far with a sprinkling of celebrities!

Private Membership Website
I’ve created an online course for you called Gypsy Jazz Foundations. Here you’ll be learning fundamental lessons on gypsy jazz guitar which will ensure we’re ready to breakthrough on the retreat. I’ll also be posting all our gig performances here so you can enjoy them forever.

Our Retreat Adventure Schedule

Thursday, March 21st, 2024
6pm Champagne Reception
6.30pm Dinner
7.30pm Jam Session & Drinks

Friday, March 22nd, 2024
10am Workshop #1
Rhythm Clinic (Get Your Rhythm Right)
12.30 Lunch
2pm Workshop #2
Improvising Clinic (Minor Swing & Djangology)
7.30pm Dinner
8.30pm Jam Session & Drinks

Saturday, March 23rd, 2024
10am Workshop #3
Robin's Improvising Clinic (Sweet Georgia Brown & Duke & Dukie)
12.30pm Lunch
2pm Workshop #4
Band Breakout Rehearsals
7pm Dinner

Sunday, March 24th, 2024
10am Workshop #5
Tommy Davy Rhythm Workshop
11am Workshop #6
Robin's Ear Training & Gypsy Bites
12.30pm Lunch
2pm The Gig - Perform For Live Audience
7pm Dinner

The Location – Westlake Village

Located just nine miles from the Pacific Ocean, Westlake Village is tucked away in the breathtaking Santa Monica mountain range and offers both residents and visitors alike a lifestyle enriched by its wildlife and serene natural beauty and a neighborly community that enjoys all of the amenities of
urban living.

The Los Angeles Breakthrough Retreat will be held in the private home of one of Westlake Village’s prominent residents and a gypsy jazz guitarist where we will have a dedicated music room for our daily meetings and sprawling indoor and outdoor areas with spectacular views for small group jams.

Our final jam will be held at Bogie’s, a local intimate nightclub (https://www.bogies-bar.com) that presents A-list talent (Denny Lane, Laurence Juber, The Wrecking Crew, Peter Asher and Albert Lee
to name a few) to sold-out audiences. We are delighted to announce that the evening will include our usual workshop players’ set and a second featuring Robin and the internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist, Howard Alden.

Who Is Robin Nolan?
Dedicated To Gypsy Jazz Guitar
Robin Nolan is one of the world’s best known and most admired gypsy jazz guitarists and has been praised for his musical genius and creativity by Willie Nelson, Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, and the late George Harrison.

Robin became one of George Harrison’s favorite guitarists and was his ‘secret weapon’ at many a party thrown at his English country estate Friar Park.

Legendary in the Django Reinhardt world, Robin has headlined every major gypsy jazz festival across the globe & Nolan’s music is taking gypsy jazz into the 21st Century beyond Django Reinhardt and incorporating influences of The Beatles, Ravi Shankar and AC/DC.

In addition to his busy schedule as a performer, Robin is also well known as a passionate instructor. He has published some of the most important gypsy jazz instructional books and video courses that have been the foundation of study and jam sessions for thousands of guitarist worldwide. His new digital magazine Gypsy Jazz Guitar Secrets features highly in the iTunes charts and reaches a wide global audience.

“In these days of ‘cackophony’ it’s great to hear some proper music” – George Harrison

“Robin Nolan is so amazingly good.” – Bill Wyman

“Robin plays a mighty fine guitar!” – Willie Nelson

“You play so beautifully Robin!” – Hank B. Marvin
Tommy Davy
The Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Guitar Masterclass
Tommy Davy will be my co-instructor sharing his expertise on Gypsy Jazz Guitar throughout the retreat and in this special exclusive masterclass.
Tommy's a renowned gypsy jazz guitarist with many years of experience gigging around the world with many of the top musicians in the style. He's also got an encyclopedic knowledge of gypsy guitars and is the owner of Django Guitars.
Hear What People Are Saying About Robin Nolan’s Breakthrough Retreats
Robin Nolan’s Gypsy Jazz Breakthrough Retreats have built a loyal following since they first began in 2015. Today Robin runs retreats in Iceland, Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York City, and Bali. Here’s what one recent retreat student had to say:

“I’ve attended two of Robin’s retreats and honestly, I can’t think of a better guy to hang with, play with and learn from. Robin’s approach to learning with the group dynamic is to provide a learning environment where players are grouped according to experience and ability and then move forward.  His patience with relative beginners is exemplary.”
Gypsy Jazz Breakthrough Retreat Checklist and Registration
  • YES, I understand the Gypsy Jazz Breakthrough Retreat includes one (1) ticket to the retreat in Westlake Village, Los Angeles in 2024.
  • YES, I understand that I will also receive immediate access to the exclusive Gypsy Jazz Foundations course with over 8-hours of video lessons of Robin teaching the 5 Pillars of Gypsy Jazz you’ll be diving into in Los Angeles. This course will help me gear up and get ready for the retreat (valued at $297)
  • YES, I’m ready to take action and learn Gypsy Jazz the FUN way!
  • YES, I want to join a like minded group of Django lovers and make new musical friends!
  • YES, I want a VIP invitation to the Tommy Davy Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Guitar Masterclass

  • YES, I want to join Robin Nolan & Tommy Davy on stage for a LIVE gig!
Your Gypsy Jazz Breakthrough Bonuses!
  • To ensure your success at the Gypsy Jazz Breakthrough Retreat, Los Angeles, we’ve created this exclusive and valuable bonus package of online courses and more. Use these to get geared up and ready for Los Angeles and beyond!
  • Bonus #1: Gypsy Jazz Foundations Online Masterclass ($297 value)
    This is the ultimate Gypsy Jazz Guitar course which will teach you the 5-Pillars of Learning Gypsy Jazz Guitar which I’ve developed over my years of teaching Django’s music. Each pillar covers an essential area of gypsy jazz which will give your playing a rock solid foundation. You’ll learn the ‘La Pompe’ swing rhythm plus all the exciting latin grooves – Soloing skills to ensure success on any tune at the jam – Mindset skills to help you save time and make faster progress – PLUS my new secrets of how to play gypsy jazz without having to spend countless hours learning scales & arpeggios!
  • Bonus #2: The Gypsy Jazz Songbook System Volume 1 ($197 value)
    This book and backing track CD was the first created in the series and is the best place to start playing Gypsy Jazz. I put 11 of THE most played and famous Django and Gypsy Jazz standards in there so as to get you ready for a jam session anywhere. Even before it went to print I had my brother Kevin learn these tunes the way I laid them out in the book and it worked a treat!
In Songbook System #1 You Will Master These 12 Classic Tunes:
Minor Swing
It Don’t Mean A Thing
Django’s Castle
Sweet Georgia Brown
Honeysuckle Rose
Oh! Lady Be Good
Douce Ambience
Blues For Ike
Dark Eyes
For fast-action takers who sign up before February 20th you will also get a Private One-on-One Zoom Coaching Session With Me (Robin Nolan) – $150 value
We’ll use our coaching session before the retreat to find out your individual needs and help you with pointers to get ready for your upcoming gypsy jazz adventure.
Bring Your Partner!
Why not treat the one you love and experience the trip of a lifetime together? Includes all group meals (lunches and dinners) andVIP seating at the final night’s performances.
** Take advantage of the “Fast-Action Discount” price now ($1,399) and
save BIG when you register before February 20th, 2024. **

Retail Value Seat

Gypsy Jazz Breakthrough Retreat – Los Angeles All Access ($1450 value)
Tommy Davy –“Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Guitar” Masterclass ($200 value)
4x Group Lunches and Dinners ($280 value)
Breakthrough Retreat Workshop Recordings Online ($500 value)
Gypsy Jazz Foundations Online ($297 value)
Gypsy Jazz Songbook System – Book/CD/Online ($197 value)
Private Zoom Coaching Session with Robin Nolan ($150 value)

Your Fast-Action Discount Price Today

Gypsy Jazz Breakthrough Retreat – Los Angeles All Access ($1450 value)
Tommy Davy–“Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Guitar” Masterclass ($200 value)
4x Group Lunches and Dinners ($280 value)
Breakthrough Retreat Workshop Recordings Online ($500 value)
Gypsy Jazz Foundations Online ($297 value)
Gypsy Jazz Songbook System – Book/CD/Online ($197 value)
Private ZoomCoaching Session with Robin Nolan ($150 value)
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When and where does the Gypsy Jazz Breakthrough Retreat take place?
A.The Gypsy Jazz Breakthrough Retreat takes place in Westlake Village, Los Angeles on March 21-24, 2024. Once you've registered we can set up your zoom call with Robin (your option) to discuss your guitar playing  goals and make a plan to achieve them. 

Q. Is lodging provided?
A. Lodging is not provided at this retreat.

We have arranged a special discount rate for Breakthrough Retreat attendees at the:
Westlake Village Inn
31943 Agoura Road
Westlake Village, CA 91361


The Westlake Village Inn complex is an outstanding choice for your stay. The hotel offers the best rooms and service in the area. If you are bringing additional guests this is a relaxing and family friendly hotel within easy walking distance to restaurants, the movie theater and mountain parks and trails.

Only ten rooms are available at the discounted rates either Courtyard or Mini Suite rooms. Book early and follow the link to make a reservation. The Westlake Village Inn is just 3 minutes drive to the workshop location, and we can arrange car pooling transportation if needed to and from the workshop.

Q. Are meals provided?
A. Yes! Lunches and Dinners are provided. We’ll all be hanging out and dining together each afternoon and evening.

Q. I’m a beginner to gypsy jazz – is it for me?
A. For each of the 5 breakthrough workshops in Los Angeles, I will be starting from the beginning. The basics and fundamentals are so important & no one will be left behind.
Beginners and newbies are welcome! I’ll also be spending time with each student on a private
Skype call before the retreat to go over what each player is looking for.

Q. What should I bring with me?
A. All you need to bring is your guitar and plenty of enthusiasm!

Q. What if I have a question that’s not listed here?
A. If you have additional questions, please email me at [email protected]